GearIt 2 v1.0

GearIt 2 is the first major overhaul of the GearIt application since 1.1. This release contains many of the features which have been requested my many of it’s users.

GearIt 2 will still help you find the right gear ratio for your remote controlled car. It will also determine the correct rollout ratio based on your inputs, and now it will also help calculate the motor RPM based on speed the car is traveling, in MPH or KM/H. As a user of GearIt 2 you can now save and re-call all of your ratios for Gearing, Rollout and RPM data.

screenshot-20100523-142119_smallscreenshot-20100523-142221_small screenshot-20100523-142229_small

Along with the new features the interface has been updated and all of the calculations are automatic. So, no more clicking the calculate button on rollouts.

If you have a car and it’s not listed, please email us at would really like to get the most complete list I can.

If you have the app and your having issues or questions please email us at

Compatible with iPhone or iPod Touch
Requires iPhone v3.1.3 or higher software.

GearIt 2 is available in the App Store for just 99 cents!
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