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GearIt 2

GearIt 2 is the next new version of the GearIt application. GearIt 2 is a complete re-write of the older code. GearIt 2 now supports more of the feature you have been asking for.


Timicide v1.0

TimicideTimicide is a stop watch for R/C cars racers. With Timicide you can set the duration of a race, start the timer and once the race is over the last split will stop the timer just like a normal race.


GearIt v1.1.2

gearit_iconGearIt Version 1.1.2 is primarily a bug and UI fix. The UI will now scroll up when the keyboard is used so you can see when your typing.

GearIt v1.1

gearit_iconGearIt Version 1.1 has gone through a major overhaul to add a lot of requested features.

• The Interface has been enhanced
• Slider for Spur & Pinion Gears now supports larger sizes
• Directional buttons to increment and decrement the Spur & Pinion Gear sizes
• The ability to add your own custom cars
• Update to the latest car list
• New Rollout view, you can now calculate for needed Spur, Pinion on a desired Rollout

Special thanks, to the following manufactures for providing their great support and additions
– Team Associate
– Team Corally
– Team XRay
– Traxxas
– Schumacher


GearIt v1.0.1

gearit_iconGearIt has been updated to include more cars. It now contains 75 cars.

GearIt v1.0

gearit_iconGearIt will help you find the right gear ratio for your remote controlled car. It will also determine the correct rollout ratio based on your inputs. As of version 1.0, GearIt contains over 50 different car models and more will get added regularly.